World beyond…

There is a world
beyond the right and the wrong,
beyond passion and possession,
Without the rational or the irrational,
And there a life exists.


Passion and happiness can’t co-exist. Or can they?

Passion creates a reason,
A reason to live,
An attachment,
That’ll make you sad,
Unlike happiness
The trendy term,
That’ll make you settle,
Without reason,
Without meaning.


Happiness is…

Happiness is,
An Unexpected invite,
Somebody close remembering you.

Happiness is,
Uncovering beauty,
In people you never knew.

Happiness is,
Laughing with friends,
In Forgetting painful wounds.

Happiness is,
In receiving love,
From someone you love more than you.

Happiness is,
A mystic thing,
What is for me, may not be for you.


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