Happiness is…

Happiness is,
An Unexpected invite,
Somebody close remembering you.

Happiness is,
Uncovering beauty,
In people you never knew.

Happiness is,
Laughing with friends,
In Forgetting painful wounds.

Happiness is,
In receiving love,
From someone you love more than you.

Happiness is,
A mystic thing,
What is for me, may not be for you.


Share your happiness.


To politicians, leaders and fakes

To all those,
who want my vote.
Raise your words not your voice,
clear your soul and this noise.

It’s the rain not thunder,
that grows flowers.
It’s the spirit not speech,
that fulfills dreams.

It’s creation not disruption,
that’ll take us ahead,
It’s love not hate,
That’ll make the world a better place.

I am not a psephologist,
or a political mind.
But I can certainly feel,
That things aren’t right.


New Year, Here I come

New Year, Here I come,
Wish me some hope.
Wish em some hope.

Let the music take us forward,
Through some rock and some reggae,
No hard feelings, No worries.
Shared moments, making merry.

New Year, bless em, bless me,
The good karma take em, take me,
From Hell, Hunger and Anger,
Beyond heaven, to a tranquil state.

Let’s sing to this year,
To our love, to the ones dear,
New Year, O so Happy New Year!


Undone rhyme


Lost in a smoky sky,
Blinded by darkened fear,
Losing hope with dimming light,
She feels the chill of winds,
On lonely nights.

Yet she lives, with a thought,
That one day, it’ll be alright,
And love perched high in pines,
Through magic of a clear sky,
Will flow in to her life.



A feeling in me is getting stronger,
That we stand on a border,
From where it’ll get better.
Women will break the fetter,
And Men won’t kill each other.
Our Relations will get deeper,
And smiles wider.

So let’s come together,
light a candle For each other,
And pray for happiness to cover,
The places getting darker.
This day, and others forever,
They will remember,
We moved ahead and came together.


Happy Diwali 🙂