That song on the radio you find online

That song on the radio,
Lingering in your mind,
Occupying a space,
A tune, without a name,
Until you search,
Recollecting the lyrics,
Skimming through an online maze,
To find an obscure link,
To make it yours,
To enjoy its company,
A simple pleasure
Feeling awesome.


What are you chasing?

What are you chasing?
A dream five years from now,
Or are you,
Avoiding a regretful memory?

Are you chasing glory?
The riches of a successful story,
Or are you,
Avoiding your own fate?

Why are you chasing a future?
When the rich are so poor.
All they have,
Is money, yet nobody dear.


Angel cloud, pour some rain

Angel cloud, pour some rain,
I’m waiting with my lady here,
Lead us to a poetic kiss,
Under your heavenly shadow,
Through the music of droplets,
Rustle of leaves with a cool breeze.
I’ve whispered your praise in her ear,
All I have is your support dear,
Penniless pockets, only love to cheer.



A Connection

Passing moments fill life,
Longing for touch,
Among conspiracies of destiny,
Drifting us away.

The helpless heart puts a smile,
Longing for a crutch,
Holding an incomplete memory,
In a solitary place.

These moments remind of an old time,
Your palpable presence,
The treasure of a long history,
Etched in fate.