Notepad in VB.NET

15 thoughts on “Notepad in VB.NET”

  1. plz show with this code its application…

    so that the complete working of nottepad is easy to undrstand

    plz make it fast

  2. How to create a notepad in VB.NET. please send me easy coading.
    “Dim pr As String”
    what means of this lines. please send me answer.

  3. the code give me 3 errors (I use VB 2010) can you correct them?
    1- Protected Overrides Sub Dispose(disposing As Boolean…. line 7
    2- Private Sub InitializeComponent() …. line 24
    3- ‘components’ is already declared as ‘Private components AS System.ComponentsModel.IConteainer’ in this class line30

    Thanks you and sorry for my bad english

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