Sushant Kumar


Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my poems. This page is a bit about myself. I hope I don’t bore you. If you like my work, have a suggestion or find me interesting feel free to contact me by commenting below 🙂

Presently I am a doctoral student in the area of marketing at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM L). Working on online consumer behavior

This blog is an attempt to express random thoughts that drive through the highways in my head. I find Poetry wonderful since it allows me to share the good and the messy happenings in life. It is a very powerful form of expression and allows one to connect by sharing thoughts and feelings in a subtle and aesthetic way. This sharing leads to better well-being in life. To put it simply, it makes a bad day good and a good day better.


In the summer of 2008, I joined the band of engineering graduates looking to make a mark. After a 4 month stay in the telecom sector I decided to pursue a course in management to get a platform for a career in marketing.

The seeds of entrepreneurship were sowed in me during the course of becoming an electronics and communication engineer. I tried my hand by starting a venture in online content management system but it didn’t survive long.

I stumbled upon theatre when I came to Delhi in class 7. Theatre is dormant today because of different priorities but the fire still burns. It has been a transformational element in my life.

My blogging journey was the result of a desire to share my thoughts. I write on a blog, “Domain of Hope” where I express my views on current events. It also features in India’s top blogs.

Poetry started in class 4 when I took part in a poem composing competition. After a win, it has been a creative vent to the ups and downs in life. Poetry for me is an amalgamation of emotions that are expressed through words. I publish my poetry on my personal blog. It reached a new high when a when a publisher dedicated a chapter to my poems in a book on poetry.

Journey till now…
Chinmanya Vidyalaya (Kannur,Kerala,till 6th std) -> Laxman Public School (New Delhi) -> B-tech (Electronics and Communication, GGSIPU, New Delhi) -> Tata Teleservices Ltd -> FPM, Marketing (IIM Lucknow)


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