The Big Picture and the small one

Bill the genius had a vision,
With a demon in him that spoke wisdom.
Gave Bill choices at every intersection,
Troubling him for what he’d chosen,
And what he hadn’t…


The big picture is… You are going to get old and you will die!

And yet we keep looking at the big picture, the vision in life, seeing yourself ten years down the line and other ludicrous things, when that vision will ultimately lead to a biological change in you – Your death.

What about the small picture, the day today or perhaps the day later? Some pictures would be great, some would be ugly and the others lying somewhere in between. Let them connect themselves as you look at every small picture, every small thing, and every single person you meet with the same enthusiasm as you would when they would be a part of your big picture. And if that is the case, why waste time on the big picture?


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