Narcissus, Nemesis, love and Envy…

Narcissus the man of every woman’s want,
Had eyes turned stone, and face pale.
For his ignorance of Nemesis, a goddess in love,
Envious & consumed by desire, leaving him to this fate…


Narcissus was a hunter renowned for his beauty. He was so handsome that women on one reflection fell in love with him. This made him exceptionally proud. Nemesis was the goddess of divine indignation and retribution, who punished excessive pride, evil deeds, undeserved happiness or good fortune. She saw Narcissus and decided to punish him. She attracted Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. The vain Narcissus unable to leave the beauty of his reflection died.

This is what mythology says. But was Nemesis in love with Narcissus, so much so that his indifference towards her lead her to kill him? Was she jealous about the fact that Narcissus thought more about himself than her, a goddess? This poem is about the jealousy of Nemesis, a goddess (and a woman) that led to the ultimate demise of Narcissus.


2 thoughts on “Narcissus, Nemesis, love and Envy…

  1. Well, as Nemesis was a goddess of retribution and indignation, so its her obvious nature to gave punishment to those who exceptionally proud on themselves rather care about others. In a same manner, she punished Narcissus despite she loves him(here love can merely be an attraction towards an handsome or infatuation too).

    By calling her envious (or jealous) is like raising fingers (or point of doubt) on her act of retaliation. If she wasn’t a divine goddess then she would be a rancor who was unable to digest the fact that a man can fell in love with himself if he doesn’t found the beauty around him (In psychology, narcissism can either be a normal self-love or unhealthy self-absorption due to perturbation).

    And as far as Nemesis’s love is concern, so I can’t comment more on that, because I still not figure out what love is all about. sometimes, love can be a mystery, 🙂

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