The Drunk Hippo!

Pino, a young hippo ate leaves and wandered aimlessly,
And came a day when he decided to try a drink.
The other hippos came to know,
And Pino had broken their rule.
They gagged, ridiculed and left him behind,
Saying, “Hippos who get drunk are not of our kind!”


This poem is not about getting drunk or the terrors of drunk hippos. It is about the resistance of our society to change. The Hippo’s choice to drink alienates him from his family and friends. Our society, modern on the outside has such forces at work that alienate those who choose a different path. A case is of the modern woman who for her independent ways has to face the social wrath of the conservative class (still dominant). The question is, will the ones who choose a different path, a path separate or opposite the social norms continue to face such alienation or will they be embraced?


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