The Ant Mentality

The tiny red ant makes its way up my plate,
Lusting for that brown hot sweet cake.
The aroma pulling the ant consumed by greed,
Finally finding itself devoured by heat…


Ants are funny creatures. They can lift things probably 100 times their own weight and can kill an elephant too. They may fall from great heights and survive. Yet there is a strange side to them – The tendency to commit suicide. Their greed for food, sweet substances often makes them reach places where they cannot survive and hence they die. I sometimes wonder if they had a little bit of brain they would’ve rather eaten the stuff I put aside for them and not committed suicide on my sweet dish or on my food. I see it as their greediness or the ‘ant mentality’. You may excuse them for their lack of brain but what about humans? Plain greedy humans do commit acts that end up hurting them. Humans with the ant mentality spoil the sweet dish (meant for all) and hurt themselves. I guess it is time for us to learn from the ant mentality.


6 thoughts on “The Ant Mentality

  1. Good one, beautifully expressed!!
    But I have come up with a bit different perception of ” The Ant, The Warrior !! ”

    The tiny red ant made its way up to your plate,
    Knew-it-all-along, broiled by heat.
    Still, she proved brave enough,
    Not merely eaten stuff put aside by you.

    The ant the warrior,
    Took pride to end her life.
    For the passion of giving,
    reverence towards her desires. 🙂

      1. I guess you didn’t get the whole picture of it.
        Anyways, a warrior can never be an obsessed duck rather be a passionate combatant who gives respect to her all cravings (including her mere hunger for food too).

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