Being Happy – Materialism

There are times when singing in the bathroom makes us happy. Sometimes a conversation with an old friend makes us happy. Getting good marks in exams or an empty road without traffic does the trick on other occasions. It is interesting to note that not always getting the unexpected can make us happy. Just a good movie or a shopping trip can do it. But despite these numerous possibilities we often set unrealistic goals, which by our thought can make us happy. These unrealistic goals keep us away from happiness when they take on a materialistic direction such as a big car, house, higher salary etc. Poor people are happy too!

Should the end make us happy or should the means to the end be the source of happiness? After all death is a destination we all share.

The destiny rules our lives in funny ways.

It gives,
Making us happy, Making us fly.
Making us want, The greed,
Like an unwritten creed.

It takes,
Making us sad, Making us dry,
Forsaking us, The lonesome nights,
Like a dimming light.

But we lie, Like the unwise,
As happiness lives beyond these lands,
Near the calm depths of deep oceans.
Drowns the pain and all we attain,
Without creed or want,
Lust or desire,
But love and only love…



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