Did she sleep with you?

The curious cat…

Publicly acknowledging that you are on a date makes you come across weird questions. Quite often these questions form the bulk of grapevine. One such question is “Did she sleep with you?” This poem is about these strange curiosities and the conversations that follow.

A question is on everybody’s lips,
Did she sleep with you?
A day before was your first date,
The young lass who was just twenty two,
And a bosom that got my eyes guessing too.
A sweet smile, A pretty face added to the list,
And a romantic song fetching you the kiss.
The social work she did part-time,
Made you fall in love in a short time.
The great time you spent at the Café,
Honestly speaking, I don’t care!
Tell me some stuff about the core,
Did you reach base four?
Like them the question is mine too,
Did she sleep with you?



4 thoughts on “Did she sleep with you?

  1. After reading with a weird curiosity of mine, few questions ranged in my mind,,

    1) How the first date correlate or raise the question of being sleeping with that Person ?

    2) Why always this kind of immature questions raises towards a girl who go for a date with no such intentions at all..

    3) Why not a respectful question of companion-ship and being proudness of her presence in one’s life, comes into a mind of others.

    4) Why always a girl or a boy’s togetherness is limited to a point of a sexual pleasures only ?

    5) Why not her bosom, sweet smile and pretty face give a sense of being in a safe hand or being in a presence of loving and caring comrade like a mother of ours no matter whether she is a girl-friend of urs.

    Well well my list goes on like a limitless sky of my imagination, so i too can say and understand the perception and imaginations of others and I too respect for others honesty of putting things in very profound way..

    Overall its a nice poem no doubt at all.. the variations, rhyme and imaginations of thoughts and feelings are flamboyantly expressed . 🙂

    1. That is precisely the point I’ve tried to highlight. People are interested in the “sex”. But it is also important to understand that sex is a higher form of intimacy just like emotional intimacy.

  2. nice creation,

    i second Nidhi’s thoughts above too. Do all go around n sleep on first or second or later date, is it necessary 🙂

    nice flow of thoughts, words

    best wishes

    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating the poem.
      I wouldn’t want to attach a negative connotation to sex. Sex is a higher form of intimacy not something just restricted to pleasure. And it may develop on a first date as well.

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