Staying Away…

Worn out from the heat,
The day drives me into submission.
As night arrives, the silent dream,
Reminds me that I am missing,
The home cooked food and mom’s tea,
The platter of homely love,
Along with the rumble of TV.
Now, I spend lonely hours,
Busy with work, yet all alone,
In the corner of my hostel room,
Contemplating how I miss,
The blissful days, the calm nights,
The beautiful time I spent at home…



8 thoughts on “Staying Away…

  1. oh yes missing the, maa ke haath ka khaana has that beautiful charm one remembers till the life time. Liked the simplicity of writing on home sickness. I would have loved it had it been more long. Its like, not everyone lives in hostel but what hostel represents is universal in nature: love, longing, loneliness, adventure. In this case wanted to indulge in the length of the poem, curiosity, wanted to know/read more. may be you can think of writing more on these lines with hostel as the main focus. Only suggesting. beautiful write :), enjoyed it

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