Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Anger is an emotion related to the interpretation of having been offended and a tendency to get justice by retaliation. It is one of the most vicious self destructive forces. It straight away paralyzes the mind and an objective assessment of reality becomes tough. I’ve had anger management issues of my own. From my own experience I’ve seen consulting a friend results in best management of anger. While healing the wounds causing anger, friends are better placed to objectively advise you on the situation and prevent reckless reactions.

We oft become,
The creator, The destroyer,
Of a time,
Neither giving, Nor forgiving.
A creation of the vain pride,
Neither for crown, Nor a throne,
Still boiling the blood,
Through the heart, Through the veins,
The wild fire, The vicious anger.

It oft becomes,
The giver, The keeper,
Of a Justice,
Neither fair, Nor Unfair.
A creation of cascading wrongs,
Neither for victory, Nor for defeat,
Still destroying the self,
Through the mind, Through the nerves,
The wild fire, The vicious anger.



One thought on “Anger

  1. Anger’s presence results in the absence of ourself from the heart of our loved ones.
    Its gives nothing more than ache to us but still we love to preserve it. Why ? 😦 😦

    Well overall a nice write 🙂

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