The way you make me feel tonight,
Like the silver ocean under the moonlight,
Gently embracing the golden sand shore.
Like the trembling blinks of a firefly,
Painting the darkness with a green dye.

The way you curl around me tonight,
Like water trapping an air bubble,
Gently pushing, helping it escape.
Like fire around the mighty sun,
Showering light, keeping it alive.

The way you breathe in me tonight,
Like a cool wind on a summer day,
Gently healing the heated sores.
Like a feather rubbing my toe,
Tickling me with each stroke.

The way you lie down tonight,
Like an arched cotton mountain,
Gently waiting to be caressed by the sky.
Like the tender white clouds,
Slowly falling on dry earth.

The way you move tonight,
Like the wings of a dove in slow flight,
Gently pushing, gently pulling the air outside.
Like the high and low nodes of a symphony,
Imprinting itself through an emotional estuary.



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