Why we fail?

Life starts with a dream and this post is for those who have one, are willing to chase it and achieve it.

In our endeavor to reach success,
We oft look at factors that determine,
And strive to do better, in extreme.

Yet, we err and end up in a mess,
Cos we forget, there lies a trail,
In every story that makes us fail,


We look at every factor that would make us successful. Be it bring a successful entrepreneur, artist, manager, engineer, even a pick up artist. There is a pile of books, tons of research that tries to identify success. Take the case of Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. In our bid to predict and control life we often make the mistake of “only” trying to determine the “success” factors.
Success has causes and so does failure. These causes are separate. The old adage “learning from failures” means identifying “why we failed?” and not “what can we do to succeed”. In every failed attempt lies a trail of things that led to failure – our error. This error is the mystery that once solved can take us forward. Be it the human race or our personal victories. Take a look at these examples.

1. Saving the environment
How to succeed approach – How can we save the Environment?
Why I Failed approach – Why aren’t we able to save the environment?

2. Learning Guitar

How to succeed approach – How can I learn to play good guitar?
Why I Failed approach – Why haven’t I learned to play good guitar?

It’s just a way of looking at the problem. The how to succeed approach makes you think there are a series of steps that you have to climb to reach there. The Why I failed or How can I avoid failure assumes that you will get the trophy if you avoid certain things. It boost your confidence and your thought process changes automatically. What comes out of it is entirely different. This is why anticipating failures in your plan for success is important. Some people who think failures are not a part of the plan call it pessimism. I’d like to call it – “Fool proof Optimism”. Just being optimistic without thinking about “how not to fail/why did I fail” is a fool’s optimism. Take the case of poetry.

3. Poetry

How to succeed approach – How can write better poems?
Why I Failed approach – Why am I not able to better poems?

It seems to be working with me. I am satisfied. But I can’t concretely say whether it is a fool’s paradise or paradise itself 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why we fail?

  1. Sushant, I agree with you. Several years ago I learned to “map” a goal. Just like a real geographical map, you have to have a starting point and an ending point. Then you can map the way with details pointing to success. Thanks for having me think about this today.

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