I am friends with you! But am I?

A simple click and his friend requested was accepted,
A few more and our updates were appreciated.
Did this illusion of friendship create an attachment?
Or did this build solitude, a feeling of detachment?


{Poetry| Friendship}

Are social networking sites with their currencies of likes creating meaningful friendships? Have we taken the concept of online social networking to an extreme?

Here is an interesting talk by Sherry at TED conference who talks about our need for control, loneliness, vulnerability and technology.


2 thoughts on “I am friends with you! But am I?

  1. It’s an interesting TED talk. I’ve made connections online that I never could have made face to face because of geography and happenstance – but on the other hand my daughter’s online the entire time and she doesn’t WANT to meet her friends face to face even though they’re just down the street!

  2. The 21st century is the time to live the life more into virtuality rather into reality.. Ppl are so profound to be companion of each other by using emerging technology. I personally feel, we are dragging more our self into a mud of social-circle by not actually to be a part of it rather to be puppet of it.

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