Human Stupidity

Loose talk of yesterday has made its place,
In common talk of today, grabbing almost every space.
Inhibitions of yesterday have witnessed a transform,
Into prohibitions that’ve become today’s norm.


Things that were sought after yesterday are merely hygiene factors today. Laptops are one such example. What managed to catch your attention yesterday is commonplace today. So is human stupidity. What was stupid yesterday is no longer stupid. Inhibitions are decreasing by the day and we are indulging in greater acts of stupidity.

Albert Einstein Français : portrait d'Albert E...
Albert Einstein

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” ~ Albert Einstein

Human stupidity is expanding like the universe. Unfortunately it is adversely affecting mental peace. Is it time to get back those inhibitions?


5 thoughts on “Human Stupidity

  1. in line three I would have preferred to see ‘transformation’ instead of ‘transform’. You seem to be impelled to rhyme every line – and I would have thought yesterday’s inhibitions would, on the contrary, have NOT become today’s prohibitions and thus have NOT become the norm. I think you mean ‘lack of inhibition’ has become the norm but ‘lack of inhibition’ is not the same as ‘prohibition’.

    It is a question of semantics, because I know what you mean and tend to agree, maiinly because of the looseness of morals today compared with yesterday, the proliferation of pornnography and corporate crime in the guise of neo-liberal free trade.

    1. Thanks Ken 🙂

      I totally appreciate your view point. I think such a feedback can definitely help evolve my poetry. But, I don’t completely agree with your view-point. After all in the words of Oscar Wilde, a work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

      With the last two lines I intended to say that inhibitions of yesterday have been transformed into Prohibition (of inhibitions). Being inhibited is prohibited, which is resulting in loose talk, and unashamed expressions of desires. This is in-turn catalyzing degradation of value system.Take the case of increasing divorce rates, infidelity, drug abuse etc.

      I certainly did NOT intend proliferation of pornography. Pornography or prostitution are professions, which should be given respect. But, I definitely despise human trafficking and abuse of women that have unfortunately become part of these professions. Take the case of Spain.

      1. Oscar Wilde was, of course, quite right. You are a thinking poet with a unique point of view. ‘Prohibition of inhibitions’ is perfectly legitimate and I did understand your meaning, but I did feel it was a somewhat unusual way of putting it, and could be misinterpreted.

        I also despise human trafficking – and slavery – which seems to be increasing. In that respect we (the human race) are deteriorating morally, ethically and spititually, rather than improving, and showing some degree of enlightenment.

        Thank you for providing such an interesting read and a topic for discussion. Good luck with your writing.

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