God’s magic wand

{Poetry} {Hope}

A very interesting thought on happiness by Seth Godin prompted me to rethink the role of time and God in determining our happiness. Seth says, “If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you’ve got… then you’ve handed control over your happiness… People on that hill are just as frustrated as the people on your hill… An alternative is to be happy wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got, but always hungry for the thrill of creating art…

God plays his funny game of time,
Today he fills your world with smile,
And then turns it around with his magic wand,
Only to make us learn, Happiness should stay all while…


Seldom does time stay constant. Highs precede lows and the circle goes on. God keeps changing time. If we submit to the changing times, we’ve given control of our happiness. In a way it is to make us learn that happiness exists within us, our work, our creation. It is independent of what time has to offer.


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