Stay Ignorant, Stay Happy?

Ignorance is bliss said young lass, kept happiness close to her heart.
She built her castle of bliss with a pack of those fickle cards.
And came a day when reality blew a gentle wind to her castle of faith,
Came down the castle with tears of pain, as Joker, a pillar, obediently swayed…


The Story

Joker (comics)
{Poetry} {Woman}

I’ve seen a tendency in women to stick to a hedonistic perspective. Few realize that reason for a woman’s heart to be broken lies not in men, bad circumstances or aliens. It lies in their tendency to create a world of false dreams. Overtime, they start believing in the fake world. The pricks of reality don’t stay far away, and when they come, all you have is a rain of tears, and a broken heart.

This is risky!

Many hearts and many lives revolve around a woman. If her world falls apart, ten more tend to suffer. The funny thing about such experiences is that they don’t kill. They only end up making the sufferer (a woman) more dangerous.


5 thoughts on “Stay Ignorant, Stay Happy?

  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    It’s entirely a woman and her far-fetched dreams that break her heart.
    Seldom, a man does that.

    Btw, nice blog Sushant. 🙂

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