The Mosquito Friend

A mosquito feeding on a marigold flower, India.
{Short Poem}

I have a tiny little wish; Squat my mosquito friend,
Who comes and puts all my work to an end,
Irritates me, leaves me almost brain dead,
Treating my misery as its little perky victory…


The story
These lines describe those unwanted friends you accidently make who exist with only one goal in life – Irritate you. Like mosquitos they constantly irritate you and refuse ceasefire till the time you squat them. On the positive side, you might say that such people build your patience, a hedonistic perspective would lean you towards the heavenly pleasures of squatting them.


4 thoughts on “The Mosquito Friend

  1. I’m afraid we’ve all got friends like that. Yeah we’re taught to tolerant, but sometimes a rolled up newspaper bludgeoning an annoying insect is a most satisfying thing 🙂

  2. I wish you have ton of this kind of mosquito friends who increase your patience and tolerance in a such way that you start respecting the feelings of others out of that irritable sense.. 😀 😛

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