The Secret Admirer

My friend circle has a cute female I like,
Her presence makes me secretly blush for a while,
I follow her every update on a social networking site,
Carefully trying to hide, while making my day worthwhile…


The story

{Secret love}

Booze brings out the best in people. If not the best, it brings out the truth, albeit an exaggerated one. In one such experience I came across the love of a secret admirer who loved a girl with all his passion. He was passionate to an extent that he followed her every status update on Facebook and spent quite a few hours watching her pictures. Her Facebook timeline was almost imprinted in his mind. You might say this is dangerous obsession. Even I thought so, but surprisingly it wasn’t. The secret admirer was careful to hide his tracks, and he knew that practically a reciprocal relationship wasn’t possible. Any overt attempt might even ruin his existing social ties with the girl. So he restricted himself keeping his dangerous passion within controllable limits, while still pursuing it since it made him happy. I don’t really look up to him but I feel we should stop being judgemental about secret admirers. This poem is my attempt to describe the mind-space of one such admirer. While biological impulses drive their emotions like any other human being, their high levels of self-regulation keep them from using these emotions to their advantage without causing harm.


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