A heaven near my place

English: UNBSJ Heaven Opened
{A heaven near my place} {Poetry}

A green carpet, a blue lake near my mainstay,
Where people live in houses of mud and clay,
With gardens that come from nature’s play,
Oft make me wonder, the mad houses we make…


My campus is situated outside the city of Lucknow. It is very near to a river that run through this city almost like an artery pumping in  soul to it. My campus is what you can call an apt mixture of a jungle and city. While on any given day the rush and mayhem of this place seems like routine, a visit near the river gives a hard realization of peace and beauty that I left behind. Although my love for my campus can be compared to the Stockholm syndrome, comparing the peace and beauty offered by creations of nature makes me wonder about the inexplicable experience offered by a heaven just a stone’s throw away.

Planned environments and setups like the magnificently built corporate campuses or educational setups (like the place I live in) made to cater to those institutions do not offer the kind of peace and beauty offered by naturally made setups. In my opinion they (or atleast a few of them)  are built to attract people and such attraction cannot be sustained. While we definitely need to plan to grow and develop, this is a call to help sustain the environment we live in and not replace the green grass carpets with grey cemented ones. We are creating “mad houses” by the day with these mad houses nurturing more madness in men (like me) every day, every hour and every second. Natural creations need to be protected from this ever growing colony if we want the future to be able to experience it first hand and not just catch its glimpse in history books.


2 thoughts on “A heaven near my place

  1. I can walk down to the creek and be in a place of beauty. But you are right. To make it people friendly would be to tame it and destroy what it is and the creatures who live there. The sucking mud, thorns, snakes and bitting insects need to be a part of these green spaces.

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