Share & Care, Money & Wings


We all see things through different lenses and this makes life diverse and interesting. While these lenses do make a difference, a collective formation of these perspectives adds beauty. This is what happened with my last couplet “Money & Wings…“. A friend of mine happened to read it and added a different perspective to it. What came out of her attempt was truly amazing.

Share & Care…
Money can get you wings, money can get you eyes.
Wings can be good, if they makes others fly,
Eyes can be good, if they show others hope,
Money can get you all, But that all be good, if you share…


This was a reply to Money & Wings…

Money & Wings…
Money can get me wings, money can get me eyes.
What good can wings be, if I can’t feel the breeze,
What good can eyes be, if I can’t see the sky.
Money can get me all, But what good can money buy?


While Money & Wings is about what happiness can (or cannot) money buy in a silo, Share & Care is about getting all by simply sharing things.
Hope you enjoyed it.

About Nidhi

Nidhi is a PhD research scholar in the School of Computer & Systems Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


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