Having a bad day? Try Poetry

English: Adele

Getting stuck in a traffic jam and venting your frustration on the steering or on your girlfriend on a phone is not something we haven’t encountered in life. Getting cornered facing the wrath of a mean angry boss or stuck without aim in life is a time that requires introspection or some alcohol. I wouldn’t advise you against alcohol, but there is a substitute that can stimulate your mind and help you express. Expressing (not only on Facebook) your angst, frustration, or agony can really help. Write your feeling, give it words. The purity of emotions expressed in a raw (or a processed form) is art. The feeling after creating it will suppress and dominate the negative emotions used to create it. Poetry is just a form, you can use whatever fits you the best.

The phenomenal success of Adele’s album “21” is due to these pure emotions being expressed through lyrical words. Beauty of 21 are its lyrics that transport the music and the emotions through its wings right to out heart.


One thought on “Having a bad day? Try Poetry

  1. Very true. Words are like individual pearls waiting to be made in to something nice to wear around. One needs freedom to do what one wants, then only can one survive in this harsh world.

    An area to vent up your emotions through poem is surely a nice way to live life, freely.

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