Che – Keep it alive!

Che Guevara (Jim Fitzpatrick's style)
{Che Guevara} {Poetry}

La Poderosa satisfied my insatiable hunger, the exploration.
They called me Che! I traveled, I learned, got a direction,
Found my path, changed my belief, the immortal revolution.
Keep it alive! Your search, your study, your creation.


The Story
La Poderosa or “The Mighty One” was the name of the bike used by Ernesto “Che” Guevara (then 23) and his friend Alberto Granado to explore South America. The exploration transformed Che as he witnessed great degrees of social injustice.

Che represents a spirit of exploration and action. His reputation as a man of deeds rather than words is exactly the opposite of what we are witnessing today. Che calls to keep the spirit of exploration and action alive.


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