Flower’s love for the Butterfly

Long Tongued Tachinid Fly, Subfamily Dexiinae,...

Tiny little she flutters in a garden colored by me.
From an egg to larva to pupa, I see her grow.
Sucking my precious nectar, I see her flow.
I watch her flutter with poise, making my garden glow.


The Story
The flower talks about her love for a butterfly who has grown from an egg to a pupa in front of her eyes nourished by her precious nectar. The flower nurtures the butterfly like her child adding beauty to the garden. A beautiful garden attracts people, just like an organization attracting more customers. Organizations, schools, colleges need to nurture talent like the flower since a beautiful garden is in the interest of all; the flower, the butter and the visitor. A selfish flower cannot feed a butterfly and thus can never make a beautiful garden.


One thought on “Flower’s love for the Butterfly

  1. Sushant, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and liking my poem-tree post. I wish you all the best with your writing, too! This flower-butterfly poem is lovely. Using the perspective of the flower-as-mother is original and vivid. Cheers!

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