Define Love

I ask people; please define what love is?
Is it just an intense feeling; a deep affection?
Is it a simple case of chasing happiness, an obsession?
Is it crying for someone else without reciprocation?
Or is it compromises for joy; fulfillment of gratification?



7 thoughts on “Define Love

  1. What Love is all about..??
    Is it sometime a punishment of being in love or being loved by any1.?
    ya, sometime ,is it so.
    Well I guess Love is nothing to feel or chase or nothing to be happy with. Its not a compromise, joy or all above u mentioned it.
    Its sometime a passing phase of a life, which everyone face once in their life and the moment its goes from Ur life, its looses all its meaning and then the people like me will write on some1’s wall that Love is life, like a roller coaster which makes ur life more beautiful by taking out the word Love from it, as we all born with a myth of being in love is being in heaven, but the reality of life says, Love is everything we do in our life, whether to maintain a smile when u have pain in ur heart, as we all born to live whether by choice or by compromise. Still not come up with why this Love word is in our life which loosing all its meaning as we grow older dy by day.. the moral of above all is not find the meaning of love in ur life or not to define in words, rather to just live your life the way u want..

  2. Thank u.. well I too partially agree with what i have written.. ๐Ÿ˜› ..
    Sometime u feel something and write something else, as u eventually come into a flow of writing.. ๐Ÿ˜€ . as ervy1 says think before speak, in a same manner , think before writing something.. ๐Ÿ˜€ . so don’t mind it.. anyways.. overall u have written well.. no 1 can beat ur writing man.. keep it up.. !!

      1. Why sometime LOVE sound like a word of 4 letters only, which have no sense, feeling and meaning in it.. ?? .. :O

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