Helping people – Cold hearts (Part 1)

As a child I was taught to help those in need.
But as I grew I saw eyes of lust, eyes of greed.
And cold hearts, without love, without shame.
It makes me angry, it makes me sad…


Next: Helping People – I will (part 2)


3 thoughts on “Helping people – Cold hearts (Part 1)

    1. I went through you blog and I’ve commented on it. It may seem like a lot of gyan, but I’ve passed through this phase. To tell you more I was part of a startup that never worked out. It was heart breaking. I faced stiff opposition from parents.
      Life has taught me some valuable lessons (and now I am sounding like an old man 😉 and I hope they help you.
      @Poem: It is the first part, and it is depressing. It’s second part is hope. (Helping people – I will)
      I hope you keep enjoying my poems.

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