The Boastful Friend

You talk endlessly about your victory,
You go on,as you keep repeating your story,
I know it! It was the same one you told last time,
Still foxed by my smile? It’s contempt, O friend of mine…



2 thoughts on “The Boastful Friend

  1. I can relate. My best friend got into the top med school of the country and has been winning all academic performances. And i was happy cuz even if i didn’t have studies to help me, i had my other skills, specially writing 🙂

    1. At a certain level we all encounter in some form or other a boastful person. This poem is motivated by one such encounter I had two days back with an alumni.
      I feel to a large extent that today people somehow have a disconnect with humility. Probably it does not sell. I hope this idea takes up the cause of humility.

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