And they’ll sing, “Vande Mataram”

Their eyes have been blinded, their tears have been dried,
To the screams of growth, to the roar of pride,
But within remains a permanent lesion that grows deeper with day,
Like a gash from a lustful sword that has fed the corrupt on its way,
Humiliating the culture of what was once my country, my land,
Is now nothing more than a whore, a multi-billion scam.

Like confits,they have been balmed, they have been salted,
Their lives would be spent commiserating those that’ve departed,
But within would still remain the solitary cry of common man,
And they still would celebrate with perpetrators of the big scam,
Murdering the hope of millions that want grain to feed some,
Like sagacious fools, they’ll chant verses of the holy Vande Mataram

Sushant Kumar

One thought on “And they’ll sing, “Vande Mataram”

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