Her love gives me peace

This poem is dedicated to all mothers. It is about a mother’s love.

All this while I was on an unsettling journey,
That took me through the darkest jungle and the deepest ocean,
To the remotest corners of happiness and misery,
Adding jewels through a rut in my personal treasury,
Gave me moments that’ll forever remain in memory.
Unsatisfied… I kept searching, I kept searching…

My eyes still hungry, I was taken on islands of delightful scenery,
That gave meaning to shallows of water, amidst the deepest ocean,
In corners where life in pure found greenery,
Broke castles of concrete and meaningless sundry,
Gave me new dreams but a forbidden feeling.
Unsatisfied… I kept moving, I kept moving…

Like a sailor, I came back to shores of glory,
That was my own house, my people, my own safe haven,
With eagerness of child I narrated my story,
On her lap of care, I spoke of growth, my very own treasury,
And she smiled, “Sleep my child, your eyes too heavy”,
At peace… I kept sleeping, I kept sleeping…

Sushant Kumar


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