Fighting it out…

My friend started his own business of building online portals and platforms for SMEs. His enthusiasm and passion for business drives him to cut his sleeping time, eating time and most importantly party time. Although in all respects I can assure you that for him, work is like a party. It probably gives him a bigger high. I’ve seen him work on a startup since our third year of our graduation and ever since despite many hiccups his go getter spirit is still on and he is fighting it out.

But… What happens when you meet another fighter ? A similar person who has been fighting it out for so many years and has seen the same ups and downs, gets a similar kick and is equally competent, if not more… And suddenly you see an army of such people who are competing, with equal passion, but … driven by different values.

My friend is facing a problem, a problem that most businesses face and that is of a competitor who “BITCHES” about you to a prospective client. We all use different strategies, have different USPs and most importantly have a different resource base. A competitor, uses a “Kalyug” strategy of stabbing you in the back to get a client, whose business to your firm is not more than $100. And my friend, who is driven by integrity and a rich value system finds himself defenseless.

In my opinion these are the testing times and this is when you need to say, lets stick to our value system. Lets take a break from this gutter and “TRY AGAIN”. Renew the spirit, go for a holiday and rejuvenate the exhausted mental resources spent.


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