A woman, the curse…

A thousand women who tried to lure,
Like cunning vixens, selling a cure,
To a lonely guy, who trusted nobody, no living soul,
To a guy, who lived, with a mighty roar.
Never did he fear, the wind, and he lived by one true friend,
Whom he called whenever, a heavenly send…
Then came a day when the moon brightly smiled,
And the river took a smart sly turn,
For he had never seen bliss, or comfort,
But time came when he became the frog, who was burnt,
And was thrown by dirt, tarnished and maligned,
He stood and wondered, was it a woman unrhymed,
And he laughed and laughed till he cried and learnt,
Never trust a woman again, he went away, hurt…



18 thoughts on “A woman, the curse…

  1. Why so much against the women folk??
    Nicely written though but sounds like venom poured over.

      1. Reading you is a pleasure, anytime!

        And, just to tell you, you have got a listener rather reader in case you ever wish to share the long story.

  2. A very well written poem. However, I wish you wouldn’t be cynical like this. We all deal with heartbreaks but that does not mean that all are bad. Don’t be like that. Treat it as a lesson learnt and look towards a brighter tomorrow. You shouldn’t punish A,B,C,D for Z’s crime right? It is unfair… Time’s a great healer, keep the faith!

    1. Hi minstrel,
      I guess when the strong winds of passion and romance collide with mountains of fate (rather ill-fate), it rains like never before.
      And yes you are definitely right. Time is a healer and a great teacher too.
      But as far as keeping the faith is concerned, its once bitten, twice shy kind of a feeling.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Never did he fear, the wind, and he lived by one true friend…
    Well true friend is always be with friends, but ya sometime we are too busy to see them, and slowly slowly we forget to even see them..

    Every hit set a new lesson in our life but that doesn’t mean we forget to trust on women…Just once again open up your eyes and learn to love the life, the way it is, and love the women, the symbol of love not the curse!!

    Overall a nice write!!

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