When I leave…

When I’ll leave you’ll know,
The price of the smile that I gave,
And O’ lady, don’t cry, don’t regret,

My words fall flat, they pass on,
My life too left a similar trail,
Go on, I say to the birds that sing,
They heal my pain that burns a dry wound.
On a lonely shrine in a desert,
I sit, I remember, the words I said,
I remember, your moist eyes, your silence,
That said, I was hurting, I was rude,
O’ lady of love, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…

So don’t cry, don’t regret…
I was bad, I was mean, but I never knew,
For a moment I never knew,
What I meant in the fury of venom, I spewed,
On your cradle of warmth and care,
Tell me; tell me, I was wrong, I was wrong…

I cannot feel the wind, the rain,
Your love is all I remember, all I know,
And I don’t know what to say,
What to write, what to do,
Help me, help me…
Can’t understand my shiver under the sun,
Can’t breathe, can’t stand,
The thoughts, they pull me down,
Your eyes, they make me cry again,
And want to come back again,
This desert, it kills, it kills…



6 thoughts on “When I leave…

  1. beautifully expressed your self,..really u r not only a poetr but a g8 words magician who have the power to make anybody 2 fall in love with you. Your every verse is very sweet, graceful & heartfelt …hats off my dear, god bless u!!….keep writing!! ..:)

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