O’ winter, I call you again…

O’ winter, I call you again,
Give me some warmth so I can fight you again.
I am hiding in a warm place close to the fireplace,
Ha! You’ll not find me, but I see you laugh at my name,
You laugh, you laugh, you laugh…
But I stand with my sword, like a fire on a foggy night,
Shielding me like a blessing on an desolate tract,
And you’ll never find me vulnerable again,
You laugh, you laugh, and you still laugh…
With your devious look, I know you’ll try,
But I’ve learnt to hide my wounds and pain,
I smile with my tears like a sweet pain,
Amazing, you’ve learnt of them without waste,
But you laugh; you laugh, and laugh again…
I may no longer hold this strain,
That cuts my throat with searing pain,
With every gust, you push me down,
Lonely in this blizzard, I won’t survive,
Silently without cry, I’ll drown one day.

Sushant Kumar


12 thoughts on “O’ winter, I call you again…

  1. Pain is repeated too many times. And it could have been better, the entire read. The repeat lines don’t have added impact.

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