Unreasonable : It is contagious

Th right limit
The right limit

I go to this colony practically everyday and find a speed limit sign board that reads “20”. It is illegal to drive at speed of above 20 Kmph.The moment you give a feather touch to the accelerator, the horses of speed indicator cross the forbidden line of 20. This in a sense makes the sign-board, the rule useless.

Such sign boards have been present for ages that have little or no practical sense and in effect cause the rules written to be broken.

The saying that “Rules are meant to be broken” has arrived from such irrational rules. This effect has lead people to believe that all rules are irrational leading to some horses crashing on the course.

The contagious effect of being unreasonable once, makes people believe that you are practically always unreasonable. Hence it is important to ask ourselves before we make any statement. Are we reasonable ?

Am I reasonable ?

The same goes for your business, offers, deals etc. Once you become unreasonable, the unreasonable price you’re offering will become a burden for the future.

Unreasonable has both, upper & lower cutoff. If you get over-reasonable, chances are people will discount you more that you, yourself.

Being reasonable on the first day, will set the pace for the future. This is just like setting the speed limit right from the beginning.


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