A new road… Sushant Kumar

Roads I know but destination unknown,
Moving ahead with wind at the back,
And relieving tension from the stack,
I sing along to a new way,
Like a beam, a new ray.

Dreams are new, but nights the same,
Ambitions are high and climb is steep,
On the way are friends I beep,
Forgetting a bad yesterday,
I Stand on a new today.

Past was tough and the road was rough,
Desires were high and heart on fire,
I ended only with a punctured Tyre,
And said words I didn’t mean,
Landing in no place to redeem.

Birds sing when comes the spring,
And the rains do oblige the desert,
With a hope, I begin to flirt,
A dream, I want to see,
If you can, come join me…

Sushant Kumar


7 thoughts on “A new road… Sushant Kumar

  1. beautifully wrapped feelings..with a clear mind..
    can u help me out??
    I’m standing on a bad today..
    everytime I’m starring @ some1
    wid eyes full of tears
    heart full of pain
    n wid a hope that 2morrw will b gud..
    but I’m afraid of facing today alone..
    And his ignorance killing me day by day…

    @ this situation what to do sushant??

    1. You can be frank about your feelings, but also check out the problem at other end. Just open your heart and express your feelings.

      Let me tell you then,

      The birds will sing,
      Your tears will rain,
      and will nurture the seeds for a better future.

      Best of luck !

  2. well dear I’m not frank enough.. i can open up my heart n listen others but never xpress my self….
    anyways thnxxx for ur advice..or ya i’ll tke care of the problems of other side…

    n really thnx for d beautiful lines
    i.e. The birds will sing…… better future.

    All the best for bright future too.
    God bless u!!

  3. if he can’t understand my feelings in my silence den he will nt understand my feelings in words…
    so i’ll never evr xpress my self thru email or whatever…i’ll wait for him(who can understnd me n my feelings even w/o saying anything) till d end of my life….

    anyways thnxx for ur concern dear….i feel quite relief by sharing my feelings here…
    God bless u!!

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