The tainted tag

There have been entities, who because of their actions or that of their owner’s actions have been tagged by words such as tainted, unethical, shady…

The adjectives associated with an entity gives a gist of its past actions. The actions, which are now history. Such entities bear the bitter fruits of their actions and the ones accountable for the denigration of reputation are punished.

But what next ?

The unforgiving society, i.e. me and you still tag them as tainted, cheats, thugs etc. Is this behaviour correct ?

Mostly, it is the competitors of such tainted entities, that wage the propaganda war of tags that further create mistrust. This policy of downing others to raise oneself is successful but hinders growth of both entities.

In case of Indian IT giant Satyam, knowingly or unknowingly, the media reports still address the corporation as “Tainted”.

Looking at the other side of tagging, good tags such as punctual, honest, … are often the undoing of individuals or entities associated with these tags.

It is time we get over with these tags and refresh.


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