Still waiting, Babe…

Fire burns my emotions to call upon a sensation,
Your dreams make my nights flame of the game,
Playing a tune, that shook my soul for sure,
Bouncing a red vibrancy of your glamour fame,
You keep running towards me with a joy never before…

Still waiting for the union of two souls,
Reaping a moment long waited in the hollow before,
In times of lonely ups and dark downs,
Blinding glare and dazzling eyes, the dreams galore,
Reminding cheeks and meets of smiles and frowns…

The symphony has lasted and will in good hope,
Will I find someone like you on this long shore,
My ignorance for you is a pleasure I’ll cherish,
To find your comforting bank and loving shore,
A life with you is something I’ll cherish…

Sushant Kumar


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