Marketing a single profile

Google has started the profile concept, which will allow you to create a single profile that will club all your account links like flickr, facebook, Blogspot, wordpress, orkut…

The interesting this that google automatically detects your online profiles and suggests their links. This is an indication of the research, the google system is doing on you. It can be a reason to celebrate and get scared too. Ouseful has mentioned a good point in his post on why there is a reason to be scared.

Onto Social media, the repetition of linking all profiles, copy pasting about me, interests is a cumbersome process that has been solved and will allow people to get featured in the search results.

There should be a vice-versa process too. The changes here should be reflected in all profiles as well. Through common variables, which can be changed by a master account, the cluster of social networks can be integrted and operated with ease.

As the web 2.0 social networks concept is beginning to stagnate, the integrators have started coming up. Be it friend feed, Mybloglog, or google. The good thing is that you are marketing a single profile link.

Integration is the new gold concept, which I mentioned earlier in this post.

View my google profile and create yours too.


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