This is a form on a popular social network website that asks you to fill certain details that will make people believe that you are bragging.

  1. ideal match: (OK)
  2. first thing you will notice about me: (Bragging)
  3. height: (OK)
  4. eye colour: (OK)
  5. hair colour:(OK)
  6. build: (Bragging)
  7. body art:(Bragging)
  8. looks: (Bragging)
  9. best feature:(Bragging)
  10. turn ons:(OK)
  11. turn offs:(OK)
  12. my idea of a perfect first date:(OK)
  13. from my past relationships I learned:(OK)
  14. five things I cannot live without:(Bragging)
  15. in my bedroom you will find:(Bragging) (Loads of money!!!)

Now tell me what do you normally find in a bedroom.This simply does not make any sense. Out of the 15 questions a conservative estimate says that 7 (almost 50%)questions are unnecessary and ask you to brag about yourself.

When I fill up the about me/ profile forms of social networks, I normally feel that most of the questions ask you to brag about yourself. I think it is time some more thought is put behind those lengthy forms.

In business it is important to be to the point. Too much info and you are unnecessarily troubling yourself and the customer. The same goes for market survey forms.


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