As I wait…

Is it the lines that draw maps on fore?
Or the July heat that draws me to the lake,
Firm believer that I am cannot imagine it,
Acquainted silence becomes an old pal,
An orange light was all in store,
For the moments of a little forgotten cake,
Seemingly normal life was, and now time is a bit,
As I knew was a gift, on the unexpected dial.

Slowly a crawl out of a wave on the door,
Dried, dancing for was the old lily on the floor,
Wind played flute that forgave time to come,
The Maya had once again made the form of some,
As she knew a weak knee would again succumb,
No more the sane, stood a short guy looking dumb,
Spell of moon for was a spotlight in middle of a wood,
Helpless had a pleasure, no more I did, no more I could.

Charm for it came for me to write a piece,
And so I was weak on my falling knees,
Clouds came and went but the hypnotic charm,
Like the lifelong spell wanted to bury my feet with a happy harm,
As big eyes, flowing hair and a charm held me free,
For time to keep the guessing for me,
No more I know of a blessing that will be again,
For the rain and you to come again.

Sushant Kumar


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