A process to explore

Matt recently wrote about the prized catch of WP.com, which now redirects to wordpress.com .

He says “WP.com seemed like a great fit: people’s attention spans are getting shorter every day”. More over he has asked reader’s opinion on what to do with the new domain and some good suggestions have come out. Most of them want a url shortening service.

That’s were the change has set a new course. Now imagine an acronym of a popular domain has caught attention. People want change. On the other hand the word short is glued onto twitter and shortening urls, where they are still unwilling to change.

The same can be applied to your website, business, store or a service. Tweak things a bit, show them a new space and ask people to explore. They’ll come and give ideas that will set the new trend. The best thing is that you, yourself need not have a great idea, but have a process to carve the thought.

Improving efficiency and sales also needs the same kind of inclusion.


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