Don’t think of me

For I have never been by your side,
As your tears are what I wanted,
In a flux of life that I had never seen,
A set of promises, I thought we’d abide,
Never did I ask nor I started,
But I could not be what I had never been.

I’ll be yours, I said and did,
Fortunate was I, oh darling, I thought,
And our love was meant till Eternity,
We’d be happy and sad was the little bit,
I asked from you, but I forgot,
Those words of worth had limited affinity.

You said you loved only to make it a lie,
For your eyes tell me that you did never understand,
What I meant by promises and love,
And you thought my words were a cry.
No more, I’ll clarify and take your stand,
For a feeling you mistook as love.

I’ll come back and again to see,
And will bite you with bitter cold of loneliness,
For words I wrote still unwritten wait for you to be,
Like the way I first saw you under the pink tree.
If you still live in the nest of coldness,
Free the bird and don’t think of me.

Sushant Kumar


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