I love, I learn

I miss the days when you came in my dreams,
And I still cry with dry eyes, as your memories don’t forgive,
For our love was to be, an unbroken seam,
Perhaps, If only you could see what I couldn’t give.

And now it’s not late, I know,
To call back, beg and plead,
But you, better than I, clearly know,
That it is the same with you as it is with me.

For I was nasty and bitter, did you say,
And you forgot the wounds that had attuned me,
To the pain I suffered every day,
But hidden did always remain my feelings for things you did to me.

Every morning the grass asks me where,
Are those tender feet that she felt everywhere,
I know it pains, I told the grass,
For it too could feel, what I went when you weren’t there.

I’ve loved, I’ve learned, I speak,
And people do compromise for their dream,
But sometimes it is important to let it be,
And save the love for another beautiful dream.


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