Corporate campaign through social media

I was recently at the Blog camp Delhi where I met the head of external communication head of HCL Technologies, Meena who talked about the ‘Employee first Customer Campaign’ that she promoted through social media, particularly slideshare.

Business through websites of companies was nothing new. The long and stereotypical presentations and practices that every organization boasted was the old (and necessary) tradition going on. But doing a similar thing on the web through a social media is something that affects (positively) the brand value of the organization.

In case you are working in an organization and want to talk about the great new product you have launched and research you did, make a presentation you’d otherwise had shown to your client and share it through slideshare.

A word of caution also. Make sure your presentation at any stage does not damage the repute of the company. If it does you’ve done more harm than good.

This type of marketing might be good for small businesses where the budget allocation on marketing may be less and good for bigger ones facing fund shortage. Recession is a period where normally marketing budgets are cut first and hence the chance of increasing your client base or market share could be good through cheap and virtually free social media.

PS: Beware of angry clients.


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