When Blogging becomes a frustration vent

You did not like the service of your network operator, bash it up on your blog. Not happy with the policies of the government, bash em up. Each and every thing you did not find good or up to the mark just bash em up.

I too did that and thats when I call blogging as ‘Bashing up’ form of blogging and your blog becomes the ‘Bash up blog‘.

Falling into the bash up trap might be risky, you could face censorship, unconditional apologies and might even risk loosing your job. This could even swifter since if you have linked up all your profiles, blog and micro blogs, the slightest error could be a potential threat to you and your online profile.

So it is very important to keep a check when our unformatted, unedited opinions come on our blog.

And before bashing up, remember the fact that you could be on the receiving end.


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