Community Blogging

Why to start community blogging ?

The competition rises quickly in any field and the case with blogging has been no different. Starting a blog today is an easy thing but making it ‘Subscriber friendly’ is another. It may be possible for you to buy a domain and hosting space and start blogging or if you are not interested to spend a penny, or maybe favourites. Now since you are not a full time blogger and can’t spend in a great deal of time in first writing and consequently promoting your content the chances of your blog failing at the first step are high. Hence there is a need to form a team and use the concept of community blogging.

How to go about it ?

Start with a few friends or colleagues or your neighbours. During stage 1 of the process you need to define roles. If all in your team are content writers without any experience in web marketing it might take some time, but nothing to worry. At stage 2 is the process of making a template. Your blog should be a web brand in making from day 1. After designing template, at stage 3 of your blog make an ‘About Us’/’Blog objective’ page. Your blog could be a local journal,a tech e-zine, or a media related blog… After the 3 basic steps, comes the content or the canon of your blog. You have two options to start posting. First is that you post the articles as you write and the second is to write around 10 articles and publish it in a single go and then continue posting at a normal frequency.

After these things the stage is set for attracting traffic and having a subscriber friendly community blog.


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