This awesome song from Delhi-6 has been playing in my head for the last few days and listening to it on the radio is 100% unadulterated pleasure. The beat of the song, the way Mohit Chauhan says ‘Masakali’ and Sonam Kapoor’s cute dance moves makes the song a refreshing change from the stereotypes thrown in last year. Without going into finer details of Masakali-the song, lets look at its meaning – Freedom, Fun and Finesse – 3 Fs. Although I’d reserve the 4th F word for later in this post. Looking at the current Mangalore’s rioting by a group of religious fanatics and everyday reading more of such stories has made life devoid of all 3 Fs mentioned before. Fk em all!

Now lets have some Maskali (fun),after all its masakali type music that drives me.So what is life about ? I’ll let John Wilke answer that.

“Life can then little else supply but a few good fucks and then you die”

That is Masakali, ‘adulted’ but not adulterated.

My Tip: Have a lot of Maskali before… (for you to draw that line) and what about virgins like … [need some divine intervention. ;-)]


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