Overeating days

Every year on the 26th Jan, my family does a pooja for my Late Grandmother and this tradition has been going on for the past 22 years (since the year I was born). This day has now become a day when the whole family comes together- something my Grandma would have been happy to see had she been alive. After the pooja is a grand Brunch- 40 odd people and the delicious poori choley.These days I’ve cut down on my excessive eating but on such days the overeating alarms fall on deaf ears and as a result by evening, you feel the whole body system has slowdown resulting in another day of unproductive work.

All you need after a spell of lethargy is a walk and breath of fresh air to charge your body cells and get back to doing useful work- precisely what I’ll be doing after this post.


2 thoughts on “Overeating days

  1. really it is a bond of togetherness, a bond of love that bring d whole family @ one place n remebring a person whose pressence was really remarkable for us even still too n only bcz of her v r here n doing sme g8 work, n get to knw abt d beauty of life on dis earth…
    i jus wanna 2 say god bless u n ur family n always b like dat..

    N as far as overeating is concernd, so its gud, smetme v should do overeating so in turn v go for walk, …Due to bzy schedule v r nt able to tke out tme for ourself, bt dis overeating smehw force us to tke out tme for ourself n go for walk n try to learn smethng from tranquil nature beauty , so in turn v bcme more enthusiastic towards life..n bcme successfull in evry aspects of life..

  2. so dear keep on eating n doing walk alone….hahhaa………if u try ur bst then to start walking even w/o any force of overeating….lol
    well i think m giving a lecture to u…….hahhaha……well its nt a lecture buddy, so try to understand my words n keep on walking……

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